Ghost Pepper Nachos

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You have just opened the Sunfish Restaurant Menu for our seafood house in Corolla. Perusing the appetizers you see ghost pepperthe intriguing choice of ghost pepper nachos. For many restaurant nachos are a tasty warm up for the main course. For some those cute little green Jalapeno peppers add a little bite. For many of us one or two is more than enough and we get the flavor from the tiny sprinkling of juices that has made it onto the nachos and cheese. So if you are not familiar with a Ghost Pepper, I am going to put it into perspective.

A Simple Comparison

If peppers were skiing Jalapenos would be an intense bunny or beginner slope. Very simple for experienced skiers but easy enough for the uninitiated beginner. In comparison the Ghost pepper would be a gigantic remote mountain in the Swiss Alps with lots of moguls and a breathtaking vertical drop. Put simply, only the most experienced professional level skiers would even dare try it.

The Ghost pepper in our ghost pepper nachos is no joke. It is a nuclear level impact pepper. If spices are not your thing, then even a drop of the juice from a ghost pepper will burn your mouth and stomach. So these ain’t your tame restaurant nachos. These are for people who just cannot get enough spice from their food.

spicy food corollaSimple Pepper Quiz

In fact here is a simple quiz to see if ghost pepper nachos are for you

Answer accordingly to what fits your food preference

  • A-I don’t ever eat spicy food
  • B-I occasionally eat spicy food
  • C-I like some hot peppers, but have limits
  • D-I have a cast iron stomach and eat peppers like popcorn

Unless your answer is D run.

How Hot Are We food in corolla

For those of you who are more scientific, I will put the intensity in precise terms..

A jalapeno has a scoville reading of about 1,000 to 10,000 units. A ghost pepper has a reading of over a million, yes..over 1 million. So imagine if that cute little jalapeno pepper was a million times hotter. That is not a confabulation, that is the difference how how hot Ghost peppers are. So order the Ghost pepper nachos if you dare..

But if spices are not your thing, do not worry we have a diverse menu of fresh non spicy food. Check out our menu.


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