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best seafood restaurant outer banks

google reviews restaurantWith Fall in full swing I wanted to feature some restaurant reviews for our Corolla seafood restaurant. It is always refreshing to hear how guests have enjoyed the different dishes we offer. We strive to be different and give you fresh food without the same monotonous recipes. And we are grateful you appreciate it.

Here are some Google reviews I wanted to mention. The first is from Kaitlyn Larose. It reads:

Kaitlyn Larose

Best of the best! Great food, each bite is like a bite of heaven. Great people very friendly, it was the best seafood restaurant I have ever been too! Kid friendly, very clean, very polite!
I got the crab cakes with French fries and mixed veggies and the sauce on the crab cakes was very delicious. It had a nice kick that makes your taste buds dance and wanting more. I also got the mussels and the sauce that is with the mussels makes you want to grab your straw and drink it! so good! I also got the new England clam chowder and it was the best chowder I have ever had the clams were not sandy, the chowder is 10000% better then Massachusetts! And trust me I am from Massachusetts! The last thing I got was the chicken basket and omg I have never had chicken that was so juice! It is 100% real chicken tenders that gets socked in bread crumbs and straight into the over! And the BBQ sauce! Best stuff I have ever had! It is fresh made and it has this nice kick to it that I liked not spicy at all. The food and the sauce was soooooo good I had to ask for some BBQ sauce to take home and a to go box to finish at home! Sun Fish Grill is finger licking delicious!

Wow. Thank you. I do not even know where to begin. We are glad you enjoyed the fresh crab cakes and of course, we love that sauce too. And what went better than mussels, which of course is topped off with our sauce. But ultimate complement came when you said we had the best clam chowder and it was better than what you have had in your home state of Massachusetts. I will say that again:clam chowder


Clam chowder better than Massachusetts


Thank you and see you soon!!

Our next review from Google came from Brian Gears. It reads:

Very Good Fish and Chips


He we couldn’t agree more. If made right, fish and chips make an incredible comfort food. Add in fresh from the Sound fish and it is scrumptious comfort food.

Thank you for the great reviews. Whether here, on Trip Advisor, Facebook, or Yelp, we love to hear from you!

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