Ice Cream Sandwich

ice cream sandwich

The Origin Of The Ice Cream Sandwich

Someone has to take credit for the ice cream sandwich. Usually in cases of some great food or drink innovation there is also some controversy over the actual cream sandwich outer banks Here are a few pieces of information that seem to jive with the multiple accounts. The ice cream sandwich seems to have originated sometime between the turn of the 19th to the 20th century with some accounts saying it was perfected into the current form mid 20th century. It appears to be something that occurred on the Eastern Seaboard. Other than that I can not definitely say the exact inventor or date. But who cares. I thank all those who have carried the torch, so to speak, innovating new frozen desserts to delight me on a warm Outer Banks Sunday.

ice cream sandwich manufacturerBut somewhere in that great period known as the 20th century commercialism, and the American demand for frozen desserts thrust the ice cream sandwich into production. You know see it in the freezer case at every grocery store or convenience store in America.

Ice Cream Greatness

The ice cream sandwich has joined the pantheon of great American ice cream desserts that dominate the freezer cases at grocery stores nationwide.

Years Of No Innovation

It was always tasty, always portable, and always refreshing. But for decades it did not seem to get much innovation. But that has changed. The ice cream sandwich has seen innovation after innovation. From multiple flavors to different shapes of sandwich covering, the sky is the limit. And the combinations are endless

ice cream sandwichAnd A Great Version Has Emerged

But then there is the Sunfish Grill Ice Cream Sandwich. We took this once humdrum dessert and blazed a new path. In fact the picture you see in this article of the decked out, super ice cream sandwich is our original creation. Gone are the marks of mass production and limitations of making it a “topping less” sandwich

We took the sandwich and:

  • Made the cookie dark chocolate with rounded cookie shapes
  • We added a topping to the sandwich
  • We added walnuts, whipped crème, hot fudge, and caramel

While there is no official gauge of irresistibility, we know this sandwich would be rated very irresistible

So come try it out!

homemade ice cream sandwich


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