Is Fresh Outer Banks Seafood Going Away?

An Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant Should Serve Fresh Local Seafood

Saying that an Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant should serveseafood_restaurant_outer_banks fresh OBX seafood probably seems like a ridiculous thing to say. Of course any OBX seafood restaurant or Corolla seafood bistro should only offer Pamlico Fresh shrimp,oysters, crab, fish, and more.

On top of the fact that it is incredibly good, and you have tasted it at the Sunfish Grill Seafood Restaurant in the Outer Banks, American harvested shrimp and seafood accounts for only about 10% of the seafood Americans Consume. Simply put, other than the seafood you get in the Outer Banks, by restaurateurs that pride themselves on American grown fresh seafood and shrimp, you’re eating foreign raised shrimp from India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

shrimp_outer_banksBut bureaucrats from the state government want to end fresh Outer Banks Shrimp

New legislation and regulations have been proposed that would decimate the OBX Seafood industry by limiting when,how, and where fishermen can go shrimping. On top of job loss, the ocean fresh seafood you have enjoyed will be gone too and replaced with farmed seafood and shrimp half a world away.

oysters_outer_banksEarly efforts to fight this have been successful

Local support against this has been strong but we must continue to lobby our state and national officials to block this ridiculous proposal.

So What Can You Do To Fight This

Sign the obxpetition and protest this move. Here is the link


Go to the Waterman United Facebook page for other activities you can do to continue the fight.

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