Seafood Restaurant Freshness: How Fresh Is That Fish?

outer banks seafood restaurantThere is nothing better than fresh seafood. And by fresh seafood I mean that which is caught right from the Pamlico Sound in the Outer Banks. When someone thinks Outer Banks or the OBX area, part of what many are envisioning is the fresh seafood they look forward to year after year on the North Carolina coast.

Naturally if you come to the Sunfish Grill in Corolla of the OBX you’re going to receive seafood from one of the best most original seafood restaurants in the area, bar none. But you may not always be in a position logistically to come here for great fresh seafood. Thus, here are some important things to look out for if you find you are buying uncooked seafood from a seafood market. Likewise you may just be curious about what another seafood restaurant is doing and you want to test how fresh their food is, and these tips can help.

Fresh Fish Seafood Test

Starting with fish you want to make sure that the coat has a nice silvery shine on it. The eyes should not be dull or sunken and should look normal. Remember, the goal is FRESH caught.

There should be no fishy smell on the fish. If you have that fishy smell it is not fresh fish. People may associate that smell with fish but that is a sign that it is losing it’s freshness. This might seem a little seafood restaurant corollastrange to be searching for fish that is not too fishy, but that is a key to avoiding sub par seafood.

Always ask when the fish was caught dot. Don’t ever fall for that fresh fish sign. Ask specifically and make sure you’re talking to somebody that knows what they’re talking about. Make sure you are asking  a manager or someone in charge the actual date the seafood has come into their market.

I would also look at the reputation of the place you are buying the fish from. Make a point to investigate reputations and find the most popular seafood markets. One important thing to do is to find a market that turns its inventory over and over, thus ensuring that you are getting fresh fish used to replenish what just left the market.

corolla shrimpDon’t assume that you’re getting fresh seafood at any restaurant.. ever

When you’re going to a restaurant chain ask where the sea food comes from and if it is frozen first. I’m not saying that frozen seafood cannot be good, I’m just saying it’s not going to be as good as something that we pull right from the water here in the Atlantic on the Outer Banks. As a seafood restaurant we serve fish that is caught locally and it makes a big difference. I can’t speak for every restaurant chain but I can tell you a vast majority of the seafood is coming from overseas.

And it is a shame since we are a nation with basically three large bodies of water and we still have to import seafood? I think that alone should set alarm bells running that most of your shrimp and crab do not come from the Atlantic, Pacific, or the Gulf. There’s also safety concerns that I read about. Don’t take my word for it, I saw an article by Consumer Reports that a lot of the seafood coming into our country has contamination issues.

Fresh Seafood In The Outer Banks

For fresh seafood come visit us at Sunfish in Corolla of the Outer Banks for some incredible fresh seafood you can enjoy without fear.