Things To Do In February in the Outer Banks

February, even in the Outer Banks, is one of those cold off season months. But other than a few days of polar weather, there are always things to do and activities worthy of a visit. Here are a few things to entertain you.

Hunger Has No Off Season

The Ton Of Love Food Drive continues through Valentine’s Day. Please bring as many non perishable food that you can collect for those who are going hungry. You can drop them off at the North Carolina Aquarium.

Valentine’s Day

You are probably already thinking up some special things for your significant other to celebrate this romantic occasion. The Outer Banks and Corolla can be just as appealing, even in Winter. Here are a few simple ideas for the actual day to bring a sense of peace, tranquility, and togetherness.

Romantic idea: Take a cool weather beach walk.

The beach is still beautiful and so is the ocean. Enjoy the serenity of a beach that is not packed or filled with distractions. Look for seashells. Maybe even have some wine or hor d’oeuvres on the beach.

Swimming Outdoors in February

With a title like ‘swimming outdoors in February’ you know this next section is going to be a doozy…and it is. Get ready for the Polar Plunge for Cystic Fibrosis (just remind yourself of that when you jump in the cold Atlantic water)

Tips For The Polar Plunge

  • Buy the ticket ahead and save money as it is $5 cheaper in advance
  • Stay warm for as long as you can before embarking..and I mean up to the point where you will
    make your graceful sprint to the sea
  • Wear shoes..take care of your feet
  • Have your dunk clothes under your dry clothes
  • Have a change of clothes and a place you can go change when it is over. The faster you are out of those wet clothes the better
  • Have a bag for those wet garments
  • Drink lots of warm liquids before and after your ice bath
  • Run in and don’t prolong it, there is no preparing for bodily shock
  • Bring a is bad enough you have to freeze, why freeze alone.
  • Get ready to freakout..yes FREAKOUT!!!!

The Freakout

When you hit the water you are going to scream. That is normal. Here is a clip of a woman who went in the water in Antarctica. Her freakout seems authentic and for good reason considering how much colder this water will be than in the Outer Banks.

Dive into culture with Ruskulka

Don’t worry, this dive involves watching a Russian Opera called Ruskalka. It will be shown on the screens of the Regal Cinema 10 in Kill Devil Hills on February 25th. No it is not going to be as sensational as Rogue One with endless special effects. It won’t cause you to jump out of your seat like a story about a guy with multiple personalities. It will give you music and drama and lots of it. It will also be much more comfortable to watch than your Polar Plunge dunk.

Training For March

And remember Spring is just around the corner..

Spring in the Outer Banks means warmer weather and lots more to do. Oh and the best seafood restaurant in Corolla opens back up in the later Spring months. Rather than tell you what Corolla Restaurant that is, here is a quiz to see if you can “figure it out.” Good Luck 🙂

What is the best seafood restaurant opening in Corolla North Carolina in Late Spring:Corolla Seafood Restaurant

A-Sunfish Grill
B-Wrong answer
C-Wrong answer
D-Wrong answer

The answer is… The Sunfish Grill[value][date]=01/01/2017&field_event_date_value2[value][date]=01/31/2017

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