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In addition to incredible seafood Sunfish also has an incredible bar right here in Corolla. And one of the many drinks worth mentioning is our Chocolate Martini.

Chocolate Martini

When I first saw the term Chocolate Martini I though it was a misprint or that I was dreaming. Just adding chocolate to anything raises my spirits, but a chocolate flavored martini…this is the thing of dreams and legends. At first I pictured Willy Wonka as a bartender, combining this classic mixed drink with the greatness we simply know as chocolate.

martini bar outer banksThe Sunfish Chocolate Martini

Our Chocolate martini actually combines chocolate vodka crème de cacao with heavy cream. Just those three words of that last sentence are all you had to say:

Chocolate vodka crème

Dessert Or Cocktail

I guess it could be classified as a dessert or a cocktail. Or if you want to be really creative a dessert cocktail. Either way you need to come try it our friendly second story bar in Monterey Plaza. Come enjoy it as a fun drink or as part of your meal. It makes an excellent complement (dessert or drink or both) to our fresh seafood and unique menu.


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