Mussell Mania at Sun Fish Grill!

steamed mussels and bread sun fish grill nc

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Mussels sauteed in white wine, shallots & garlic finished with tomato saffron cream broth

A little background on the mussells….

I know of no casual seafood lover who would ever actually ask for mussells. Most of the seafood lovers I know though, who are die hard Outer Banks seafood lovers, absolutely adore mussells. They are a true seafood lovers delight. It is thus no coincidence you see them on the menu of seafood restaurants in the Outer Banks.

Even among other shellfish, they are unique and have requirements that any seafood restaurant or chef must consider. The meat inside of mussells breaks down very very fast after the muscle is not alive. This means you have to cook them immediately and consume them very fast or there could be health complications. Put in layman’s terms you have to cook them quick and eat them quick. Yes, you can buy frozen mussells, but nothing will top the flavor of just prepared ones.

Common Mussell Recipes

The most common form of muscle recipe is one that involves using seasonings and white wine to add subtle flavor to the mussells. Usually the muscles are steamed. Then they can be served alone or accompanied by a number of other dishes. Like other members of this type of seafood family they offer a distinct flavor that is absolutely scrumptious to people who eat clams or oysters.

Mussells around the world

Mussells have been part of the human diet for thousands of years according to online sources. In fact in many countries versions of the dish are still very common. It is interesting to see how it is served around the world. I know that in France it often with the company of French fries as part of a casual lunch. Compare that with America where it is often dinner fare at a seafood restaurant.

mussellsBut the principle remains the same

The mussel has a unique flavor. It does not take a lot of seasoning or boiling to bring that aroma out. In fact simple seasonings, steam, and wine are many times the key implements to great mussels. Thus they are perfect dish to accompany your authentic Outer Banks Seafood meal.

Outer Banks Seafood

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