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The Mustang Festival In Corolla, OBX

mustang festival in corolla 2018

It is time for the Mustang Festival in Corolla. The tourists are gone and the blazing summer heat has abated, making it the perfect time for this classic Outer Banks Fall Festival. The Festival will feature hours of live music in the warm Fall air.

And of course This Means…

Great Food At The Mustang Festival

More specifically incredible Outer Banks fresh seafood and authentic flavorful Carolina BBQ. If you come for nothing else the two featured food themes on Saturday and Sunday are something you just cant miss.


Mustang Festival Saturday Food: Oyster Roast

On Saturday from 2 to 5 P.M. you can partake in an authentic North Carolina Style Oyster Roast. You won’t see something like this at any seafood chain. Every thing is Ocean to Table fresh. On top of that everything is made fresh. You can taste this with every bite. Fresh seafood prepared on the spot is something that cannot be manufactured, processed, or faked. Come taste for yourself.

Sunday Mustang Festival BBQ Cookoff

Now it is time for the big game. No I do not mean your favorite NFL time doing battle on the gridiron. I mean the best bbq restaurants doing battle at the Mustang Festival. In the South, in North Carolina, barbecue is a big deal. Barbeque recipes go back for generations. You can even read how the founding Father’s, yes even them, smoked meats and enjoyed bbq.

All across the nation you will find different recipes and styles in and out of regions throughout the United States. But the first bbq recipes started here. Traditional bbq using vinegar, seasonings and fresh smoked shredded pork, set the stage for all bbq creations thereof. So what can be more intense than the best restaurants of Corolla and the Outer Banks facing off in bbq glory.

A power packed grouping of local restaurants will be bringing their best to fire up the taste buds of the crowd with incredible flavor. The restaurants that will be competing are:

  • Formula 5
  • Fat Crabs Rib Company
  • Sooeys BBQ Duck, NC
  • Agave Roja
  • Sunfish Grill
  • Coastal Cravings
  • BJ’s Carolina Cafe
  • Butcher Block

Sunfish Will Be Competing


mustang festival outer banks informationYes you read that right. Sunfish will be competing. While we are closed for the season, we are bringing are A game to this challenge. Against this slew of worthy opponents here are a few of my predictions

The crowd better come hungry

Bbq, like ice cream and pizza are one of those magical foods that is always good. With bbq there is no bad barbecue. There are only levels of greatness. So expect 8 helpings of delicious bbq.


carolina bbqWe cannot wait to see you there at the Festival!

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