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How can you tell if a seafood restaurant serves fresh food?

Well you can tell that a seafood restaurant serves fresh seafood by…asking? Now let us quantify what it means to ask the seafood restaurant or seafood place about fresh seafood. If you were at a big seafood chain could you ask the owner or President of the company where the seafood comes from. Better question, does anyone in the restaurant even know who this person is?

where to find great seafood in corollaWho Supplies This Seafood Restaurant

Safe to say they probably do not have any idea. Ask them where the seafood was purchased at. Where are the fisheries? How far did the seafood have to come? Was it frozen when it got here? Is it even from an American waterway?

Is The Food From An American Waterway?

Forty years ago this question would have solicited a chuckle from just about anyone who heard it, me included. Today the vast majority of seafood comes from giant fish and shellfish farms in Central and Southeast Asia. There are terms like invasive species and Frankenfish (really) in the news and I really do not want to eat something scientists nicknamed Frankenfish. On top of that, many foreign aquaculture farms lack the supervision and regulations that one in America would have. And the FDA has stringent regulations to prevent a biohazard in our bodies which really does not fill me with confidence. I mean is it that bad that there are armies of restrictions to protect me from things like Frankenfish? But I want to back up a bit with one giant question:

Why aren’t the seafood restaurants getting fish, crab, shellfish, tuna, shrimp, lobster, other seafood from local waterways from actual local fishermen?


american seafood restaurantLocal Farm To Table Outer Banks Seafood Is The Only Way

In the Outer Banks and Corolla this is the norm. There is no question that seafood is:

  • Fished by local hardworking Carolina fishermen
  • Fished from Carolina Waters
  • Fished from the Atlantic Ocean off the Carolina Coast
  • Fished from Carolina’s own Pamlico Sound

Sunfish Seafood Restaurant: There is ONLY Fresh Ocean To Table Seafood

And at Sunfish Seafood Restaurant you can ask the managers and they will tell you they know the people who delivered the seafood, where it was caught, and it is always fresh. There are no levels of management, Sunfish is locally owned and operated. And it is has always been this way.


corolla fresh seafood restaurant sunfishAnd You Can Taste The Difference

You cannot fake fresh seafood. When you taste our Ocean to table Carolina seafood you will know the taste of wild caught seafood. No rubbery flat shellfish here.

So Come Taste The Difference

Check out our seafood menu

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