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Perfect for the seafood lover looking for a smaller portion without calamaricompromising quality

For many of us fresh seafood is not something that is particularly easy to come by. Chances are the fish or shellfish at that chain restaurant is caught weeks before, frozen, and then prepared for you. It is good, but it is no substitute for real seafood, caught fresh and served to you here. So when you are in the Outer Banks you want to enjoy as much seafood as you can. Here, in Corolla and the Outer Banks, ocean to table seafood is the norm, not the exception.

Well in addition to dinner and lunch at Sunfish you can enjoy a seafood snack at Sunfish Grill in Corolla. Our appetizers are the perfect light seafood bites to fill you up without making you too full for dinner. Like our entrees, they are truly unique fresh seafood creations that burst with flavor.

Seafood Lover Lite Bites

For the seafood lover looking for a snack our appetizers are the perfect catch. Here are a few of the choices:

Crab Bites

Calling all crab cake lovers. This light bite features mini crab cakes. Each cake is lightly fried. To top it off put a dollop of our homemade remoulade for the perfect taste complement.

Calamari Basket

What is tastier than fresh fried calamari? How about fresh fried calamari with popcorn shrimp and scallops. A seafood lovers mini feast. Enjoy!

Smoked Tuna Dip

Enjoy cold fresh tuna, cheese, and spices served with our pretzel points

Join us for fresh seafood and great food anytime

Sunfish Grill is conveniently located in Monterey Plaza Shopping Center in Corolla. Visit us for great food and snacks. We also are the perfect place to dock for great seafood.

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