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If there is one thing that makes a great restaurant in Corolla, it is the fact that the overwhelming majority of Corolla NC restaurants are non chain restaurants that are locally owned. This means unique restaurants dishes that are not cookie cutter recipes syndicated from one chain location to another. A great example of this is is from the  menu at Sunfish restaurant. Combine these Corolla Restaurant versions with ocean to table and farm to table ingredients, and you get something really special.

Sunfish Restaurant In Corolla Adds A Unique Spin…

Sunfish Restaurant In Corolla has a menu packed full of these kinds of dishes designed to rescue you from monotony. They all offer a unique spin that combines freshness with a twist on the seasonings or ingredients. Here are a few of these dishes we offer:

Crabster Wrap

No you are not dreaming. We combine fresh lump Outer Banks crab meat with lobster in this signature dish. From there we nest it in a covering of garden fresh Romaine lettuce, vine ripened tomatoes and house remoulade. The final touch is to dress it in an herb garlic wrap. Lots of protein and lots of taste!

Smoked Pulled Pork

You cannot come to Carolina, any part of Carolina, without our take on bbq. Our smoked pulled pork sandwich features pulled pork drizzled in our own house made bbq sauce. Then we dress it with cole slaw and top it on a fresh Brioche roll.

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Seared Ahi Tuna

A seafood lovers delight. We take ocean fresh Ahi Tuna to start. Then we sear it rare. From there we cut it into thinly sliced strips and chill it. Finally we dress it with Asian slaw and bring it to your table.

Sun Fish Grill Tacos

Surf meets South of The Border. Start with pan seared Mahi Mahi and then we take it for a Latin Twist. We place it into three corn tortillas and add a host of toppings including cabbage and pico. The final touch is a topping of fresh avocado and chipotle aioli

Sunfish Is Your Corolla Restaurant Destination

What Are you waiting for. Come join us at Sunfish Grill. Our restaurant is located conveniently in Corolla in Monterey Plaza.


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