Corolla Restaurant Serving Incredible Tuna

Corolla restaurant serving incredible tuna

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One seafood dish you have to try from any Corolla restaurant that specializes in seafood is Ahi Tuna. A combination of sauces, thick tuna steaks, and pan searing creates a taste sensation no seafood lover can resist. Like all great seafood it needs to be procured fresh from the sea and prepared while it is still in the peak of freshness.

Ahi Tuna Seared To Perfection

Searing helps bring out the best flavor in food. This is especially true with fresh caught tuna. Tuna, low in fat, has a delicious natural flavor. The combination of this thick texture with seasonings and an intense burst of heat culminates in an incredible flavor combination.

Searing The Tuna

Why searing? Searing seafood is a cooking technique that is designed to lock in the juices of a piece of meat, seafood, and in this case tuna. By placing the tuna steaks on an intense amount of direct heat locks in the juices and helps bring out the flavor. It is not to unlike the way they sear steaks at a gourmet steak restaurant to lock in the flavor by sealing the exterior of the meat.

Seasoning And Searing Seafood

But in addition to searing your the tuna, there are other critical factors that can make a huge difference to the taste of corolla seafood ahi tunaseafood. Naturally we use only fresh tuna. And then this tuna is going to be dressed in our battery of Asian sauces which include:

  • Wasabi cream
  • Hoisin
  • Sriracha

These Asian sauces add a tangy fiery flavor to the seafood that really can’t be described in words. It is something you just have to sample. The fusion of the sauces with the fresh juicy tuna offer us a flavor combination that brings people back to Sun Fish restaurant in Corolla night after night.

And Tuna Is Only One Of Our Corolla Seafood Delights

We also offer a full menu of fresh caught seafood sampler right from the waters that you can see from your beach rental or a home in Corolla. This combined with the work of our gourmet seafood chefs provide you some unique and unforgettable tastes that you can only get here at Sun Fish Grill and restaurant in Corolla.

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