Corolla Seafood: The Right Way To Eat Shrimp

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For the Corolla Seafood lover there are mountains of fresh shrimp harvested in the waters of the Outer Banks. Naturally I am always looking for new ways to prepare and enjoy shrimp. As you can imagine(especially if you saw the movie Forest Gump) there are lots of ways to do it. And of course they are all great. But how many ways are there to peel shrimp?

Corolla ShrimpIs There A Right Way To Eat Corolla Seafood Or Shrimp?

I had this seafood question answered unexpectedly when I came across the article on the correct way to peel and eat shrimp. I was a little incensed. Is there really a right way to enjoy plump fresh steamed shrimp right from the waters you see off the beachfront in Corolla? Naturally I have to say no. I personally have “attacked” piles of shrimp before throwing caution to the win in how I shelled them. In my defense my goal was to consume a pile of fresh ocean shrimp at break neck speed. Peeling was an afterthought. Still, any techniques that could potentially have improved this rate would have been helpful.

Different Ways To Enjoy That Shrimp

I began to peruse the internet to find some techniques that might help you enjoy that pile of shrimp that just arrived at your table in Sun Fish’s Corolla Location. Not saying there is a wrong way or right way but I thought this might be useful. To each their own.

Come Enjoy Great Corolla Seafood And Shrimp At Sunfish

Regardless of how you choose to eat it we have plump fresh shrimp prepared in a myriad of ways. Whether fried to a golden brown or sautéed in butter, Sunfish is your go to place for incredible Corolla Seafood.

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