A Corolla Restaurant With Great Crab And Crab Cakes

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Corolla restaurants pride themselves on serving ocean to table seafood. Locals and visitors alike know that unless a restaurant explicitly says they are procuring fresh fish, crab, shrimp, or scallops, the chances are good you are not getting it. That being said there are crab dishes you have to try if you are a die hard crab lover.

Corolla Restaurants Serve Fresh Crabcrab restaurant in corolla

You will notice Corolla restaurants are not chains. Fresh crab means fresh lump crab harvested, shelled, and prepared right here in Corolla North Carolina. And there seems to be no end to the ways you can enjoy that crab at Corolla Restaurants.

Corolla Restaurant Offerings

My advice to anyone who loves crab is just to dive in and start cracking when visiting Corolla restaurants. While there are lots of crab and seafood dishes, the common denominator of Corolla restaurants is that the crab is fresh.

Sunfish Restaurant In Corolla Offerings

Naturally our Corolla Restaurant has some knock your socks off crab and seafood entrees to satisfy all the different types of crab lovers. Whether you are a puritan who wants to crack crab yourself, or you want lump crab dressed with seasonings and sauces, we have a great lineup of recipes for you. Here are some of our regular crab selections that you want to try when in Corolla.

Don’t Forget the Crab Legs

For some, crab is good in its simplest form. For the Puritan crab lover we have crab legs you can crack right at your table. This is as fresh as it gets and we have the dipping butter and sauces if you want. Come enjoy.

Crab cakescrab cake corolla

I have never met a crab lover who did not like crab cakes. By crab cakes I mean actual lump crab meat lightly mixed with seasoning and pan seared to perfection. This is a crab cake with no filler. The fresh crab taste comes through when you order our Crabcake dinner plate. This includes 2 crab cakes and after tasting them you are going to wish there were more.

Crab cake sandwich

You can also enjoy our crab cakes in sandwich form. All we add is the brioche bun and lettuce. The taste of our real crab cakes comes through with every bite.

Crabster Wrap

I have a question for you?

What is better than fresh crab?

How about fresh crab mixed with fresh lobster. This combination is what makes up our crabster wrap. The wrap mixes two of the most popular shellfish in one delicious treat. The taste of lump crab meat and lobster chunks are accented with our house remoulade and lettuce on a garlic herb shell.

Crab And More

Crab is just the beginning of our Corolla Restaurant seafood offerings. Our menu is packed full of flavorful fish, shrimp, scallop, and oyster dishes. We have a spacious dining room and bar, and are perfect for families and large groups.

Corolla Restaurant Menu

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