Sunfish Restaurant In Monterey Plaza Corolla

Monterey Plaza Restaurant

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Sunfish restaurant in Corolla has something that appeals to everyone. We are a family oriented restaurant serving incredible seafood and non-seafood dishes in the Corolla area. Our extensive menu appeals to both old and young alike offering ocean to table seafood.

One thing that we can offer both big families, large groups, and special event parties is that we have such a large spacious dining room. This means a lot of room to move around with a clean inviting bar that connects right to the dining room. It is the perfect place to have an event or just a casual family gathering.

In the Center Of Action

Located in Monterey Plaza shopping center you can’t miss us. For starters Monterey Plaza sits in the heart of Corolla. This makes us easy to find regardless of the location of your beach house, rental or condo. We sit in the front of the parking lot accessible and visible right from Ocean Trail. We are in front of the Food Lion right above Just for the Beach and next to Sunsations.

This makes Sunfish restaurant the perfect stop for just about anything you could want to do in Corolla. Right inside the Monterey Plaza compound we are within walking distance from:

  • The movie theater
  • Groceries
  • Various Shops and Stores
  • Local Tour Groups

This makes us the perfect before or after stop for a snack, lunch, a quick appetizer, dinner, or carryout. In addition to our centralized location we also offer a large diversified menu that appeals to everyone. This includes our signature ocean to table seafood, a large family menu, carryout options and special food needs like our gluten free selection.

Family Menu

We have great food for your young eaters. On our menu they’re called guppies. This menu has great dishes designed just for those picky finicky little ones that may not like the adult seafood and or non-seafood dishes.

Special Food Needs

Our menu offers lots of different types of food for different dietary needs. We offer an extensive number of gluten-free items, especially fresh Outer Banks seafood. In addition we also offer a lot of healthy choices for those that want something a little lighter.

Carry Out Family Options

Looking for delicious seafood but don’t want to leave the beach rental or beach house? Try our carry out or take out options that you can take home and enjoy anywhere. This is a great way to get gluten-free items, fresh Outer Banks seafood, or other non-seafood favorites without having to bring the entire family to the restaurant.

Get the most out of your time in Corolla. Sunfish Restaurant offers great food and a fantastic location. This makes a us a must visit place for a meal, snack, or carryout for your entire party.

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